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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Help! I'm Need a Good Camera

A few days after celebrating the 1st year anniversary of using this entry level point and shoot Olympus FE-4000 and taking more than 10,000 pictures, my faithful darling is showing signs of deteriorating health. The camera gets jammed after every few pictures. The focus is starting to falter, i.e. sometimes, I am unable to get a sharp focus for macro view.  This is my second Olympus camera. As I need to send it back for servicing, I shopped for a new camera.

Vital statistics: 12 megapixel, 4X wide optical zoom, 26mm wide angle, 2.7" LCD monitor with Face Recognition, Image Stabilizer and Magic Filter

My experience: It is terrific with macro shoots but NG for night scenes and scenery shots. As you can observe from my pictures,
(a) for scenery shots, the image is sharp and clear in front but too bright and blur behind.
(b) for night scenes, I do not have any good shots yet!

My daughter said that Panasonic gives very sharp photos in vibrant colours. So I started  to dream of Diana's Panasonic Lumix FZ-100 (Elephant's Eye post is here). Its recommended retail price in Malaysia is RM 1,999 (USD 640).

Another entry level point and shoot compact camera is all I can afford at the moment. So, this time I went out of my comfort zone to try this Casio Exilim EX-Z16 which was just launched on 20 Sep 2010. Mine has a metallic pink casing while this image is red. I was torn between 2 choices, this and the Olympus FE 4050.

Finally, I purchased the Casio Exilim EX-Z16 for RM 500 which is equivallent to USD 160 or  115 Euros. As I know, the launching price was USD 99.99 in USA.

Vital statistics: 12 megapixel, 3X wide optical zoom and 4X digital zoom, ???mm wide angle, 2.7" LCD monitor with Face Recognition, Image Stabilizer and Easy Mode, Wide Screen Recording and You-Tube Capture Mode. Anyway, I have never You-Tube anything yet.

The camera shops I visited were not keen to have me as a customer, sob. They are busy serving the customers who are looking for DSLRs.

Now, I wanna work towards my dream camera, a DSLR!
Can you please tell me what camera you are using to snap those gorgeous pictures?
What is your dream camera?
Cannon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus, Casio, Fuji ?????
Please let me know the brand and specifications because this will be my benchmark.

Note: Picture no. 2 is taken from, the link is here.


  1. Hi there!!
    I use the Canon IS's my new camera and you can see the shots on my has been so much fun shooting with this's around 4 hundred bucks but well worth the price.

  2. Hey! It's a good excuse to get your dream camera. :) I'm using a point and shoot so no advice for you. But I would love to know which DSLR you eventually choose.

  3. I like to use my parent's canon digital rebel, which is a dslr... unfortunately I'm stuck using a cell phone camera most of the time.

  4. Hi Autumn Belle! I am using a Panasonic Lumix LX3.

    It is not a DSLR but something of a cross between a point and shoot and DSLR. I did say before that I am a Class AB photographer (Always Beginner) so I rarely use the manual mode on my camera and use the intelligent auto function more. :-)

    My wife is planning to get a Lumix G series. In fact, I almost bought one early this year but had second thoughts considering our camera is still quite functional.

  5. Hello Autumn Belle,

    I know the feeling, am wishing for a DSLR with cool aid pockets. I use a Kodak easyshare 7MP ZD710 with 10X zoom. There is a 14MP with a 26x Zoom that I would love to own.

  6. Hey,The macros are not as good as they use to be so i need to get myself a new Camera. I have been using a sony digi camera and have been thinking of investing in a mid range SLR... by next yr. Will come back again to check out suggestions from fellow bloggers. Interesting post Belle!

  7. I was using a normal Canon until it con out and sent for repair and i had to get another spare one. So i bought a Canon SLR (lowest range). I really like this SLR bcoz the batteries are very 'tahan'.. other than that, pics taken are sharp too. The only bad about it is it is too big to carry about. I'm still paying it by instalments, 4 more months to go! :)

  8. Hi Autumn Belle! I use a Kodak C713 which is good for images of flowers and still objects. I hope you will soon get your dream camera.

  9. Mine is Nikon D80... a little bit oldie. Would like to switch to D90 soon, waiting for the price to dip a little lower.. haha. ~bangchik

  10. We use panasonic lumix too though my play camera is just a regular kodak, something I can toss arund without much worries.

  11. I am using Canon D1000. It is cheap but good as a entry level to DSLR.

  12. Thanks for the link Autumnbelle. Will put up another camera post on Wednesday, with links to the reasons why he chose that one. Pam at Digging takes magnificent photos. She can achieve what I still struggle with - a wide view of the garden which is in focus.

  13. Canon and Panasonic seem to be a popular model here. I thought Nikon has the best DSLR.

    I think handphones will come in handy for candid shots but then again, the higher end handphones do have good built-in cameras.

    I you have an expensive DSLR, do you worry about snatch thieves while snapping pictures?

    To me, a camera is like a part of me, like a hand or leg as it is such a useful companion.

  14. The Lumix has more functionality than the regular point and shoot without the size of the DSLR. My wife enjoys the challenge of film cameras (no delete and repeat/no post-processing) so she uses a TLR until now. We also have a Holga toy camera.

    These facts are important because we love to travel and we only have a small camera bag. So no bulky DSLR and lenses for now.

  15. i like cannon and they do have lower end slrs like the can find good deals through amazon or ebay camera vendors usually have good reps if you read their customer responses at these auctions...good look

  16. I had an Olympus earlier this year which was amazing until it completely stopped working after four months. It did not however take good scenery shots as you have mentioned so it may just be that brand that is not good in that area.

    Long story short, this is what I am using now

    It's a GE with a fantastic zoom and macro features. It has many modes that I am still learning, It is basically a point and shoot slr style camera. The link will give you more or you can google it using this GE Power Pro X5 14MP 15X Zoom SLR-Style Digital Camera. I've had it now for little over a month and it's wonderful. Check it out. It's fairly inexpensive for the features. I did a review on it and have it scheduled on my blog for this coming Tuesday so you can check it out there as well.

  17. I use Xacti DMX-CA9.
    The features are shown below.
    1: 1,5meter watar-proof
    You can use it in rainy days even under water!
    The underwater footages are shown on my blog.

    2: Gun-grip type
    The gun-shaped grip is easy to hold and you can use it
    for long time with less fatigue in you arms.

    Please refer further information to Sanyo's website.

  18. I have a sony 12.1 megapixel camera. It was gifted to me by my brother. I love it. I wish it had a better zoom, but it serves the purpose most times.

  19. Hi Autumn Belle, too bad about your camera! Want to know about what type of camera that I use? Let's just say, that, it would be a camera you would give for someone who doesn't know anything about photography! That would be me! Next time when you are at the shop, look out for Panasonic DMC-FS6, you can hardly missed it, super size of 100mm x 50mm! You are allowed to smile, grin and chuckled when you see this camera! Nothing fancy or hi-tech for me, I leave that to you guys! Well, this camera has been great to me, it has serve its purpose! So I'm afraid I can't advise you anything on cameras, I like the less complicated ones! He! He! Hope you get your new camera soon! How can you fly without your wings???...^..^

  20. Hi Autumn Belle..I love all your shots before so they must come from a good camera. Im also looking for a new camera that is fuss-free, not bulky and the price must be right too..haha..but can produce good micros! So your post gave quite a good latest info on cameras.Thank you.

  21. I am so grateful for the great suggestions. Personal experience is the most valuable experience. I certainly have a lot of homework to do.

    Has anyone used the Canon Powershot S95?

  22. Mine is Panasonic Lumix. I'm not so into camera model. I just let my hubby buy, and i will use it ...hahahhaa

  23. My dear Malar and my friends, can you please specify the Model?

    Same brand same series but different model may have different prices and their specifications are different. If I know the model no. I can check the camera reviews.

  24. I'm not as lucky as Malar because my darling has little interest in cameras specs., sob :(

  25. I have a very old Nikon D50 DSLR, is several generations past but i can still get some juice out of it.
    I think a basic DSLR might do you good.

  26. Hi Autumn Belle, far be it from me to give you any camera advice, since there are so many wonderful photographers out there in the garden blogosphere who are far beyond my skill. I'm very much interested in other people's comments, so thanks for starting the discussion.

  27. I use a Canon Rebel XT and a Sony CyberShot.

  28. Hi Autumn Belle,
    Sorry to have not given you the 'model coz i dunno camera well. Ive asked my hb, it's a Canon EOS 1000D, with free 4GB memory card and free carry bag at RM1,899.00, from FOTOKEM Parkson Ipoh. I am paying it by 6 instalments for RM316.50 a month. It's a good buy, i think! :)

  29. Hi Autumn Belle, Saw your note wrt model of my camera. It is Canon Digital Ixus 870 IS. I went through the comments above. Surprisingly no one uses this.

  30. Hey!
    I got a cannon ixus and i really love it. It´s my friend since 4 years ago.
    Have a nice weekend.

  31. I have a nikon D60 and am ever so protective of it! There are times a friend or stranger offers to take a photo of my family and I and i'm thanks, there are enough pictures of us!

    I have always loved point and shoots though, especially smaller ones that can be thrown in a bag. But i guess a lot of point and shoots aren't made to last a long time.


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